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Volume-31 2021-2022
  1. Lesson Learned: Hosting Sixth International Conference on Chemical Engineering Virtually in the Midst of Pandemic
  2. Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals: Integrating sustainability in project management
  3. Export-led Growth (ELG) Hypothesis in BCIM Countries: A Panel Econometric Analysis
  4. Financial Inclusion and Agent Banking in Bangladesh: A Pilot Study on the Determinants of Agent Banking Adoption
  5. Rawhide Based Entrepreneurs: An Assessment among the Rishi Dalit of Tala Upazila of Bangladesh
  6. Incorporating Leadership to Enhance Digitalized Rural Development in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study
Volume-30 2020-2021
  1. The Project Economy and the Development Goals of Bangladesh: A Readiness Analysis: Lutfur Rahman
  2. Achieving Zero Hunger Goal: Food Security in Post COVID-19 Era in Bangladesh: Paroma Arefin, Md. Shehan Habib, Aishawarya Arefin and Md. Saidul Arefin
  3. Gender Equality in Public Administration: Study on the Administration Cadre of Bangladesh Civil Service: Salma Momtaz
  4. Environmental Consideration of Infrastructure Projects under Public Private Partnership: Sustainable Development Perspective: Maruf Ahmad Naznin Islam
  5. Determinants of Labour market participation by physically constrained People: Masuma Hira and Syed Hasanuzzaman
  6. Public Health and Urban Local Governments in Bangladesh: The Context of COVID - 19: Nuzhat Fatema
Volume-29 2019-2020
  1. Conceptualizing the Role of Financial Capital, Human Capital and Innovation Capacity in the Development of Microenterprises in Bangladesh
  2. The role of digital financial inclusion on promoting sustainable economic growth through banking stability: Evidence from Bangladesh
  3. Anatomy of a failure: Community Adaptation of the Water Purification Method in Coastal Bangladesh
  4. PPP Policy Implementation Performance: A Cross-Case Analysis of Port Infrastructure Projects in Bangladesh
  5. Work Attitudes among Motor Drivers in Dhaka City
  6. Trends of unemployment among the educated youth in Bangladesh and the policy for solving the issue



  1. Legal Framework of Public Private Partnership in Bangladesh:  A Critical Review
  2. Socio Economic Impacts of Mixed Crop Cultivation in Gopalganj     District in Bangladesh
  3. Scenario of Development Planning in Bangladesh focusing on Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Data Center Architecture Overview



  1. Managing Resettlement and Rehabilitation in Implementing Development projects – A Case Study of Bangladesh
  2. Knowledge and Practices of Supply Chain Management: A Study on Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd.
  3. Impacts of Social Safety Nets on Inequality Prevalence: A Developing Country Perspective
  4. Marketing Strategies of Planning and Project Management Related    Training Courses: A Study of NAPD
  5. An Analysis on Demographical Factors Influencing Tourist Behaviour in Bangladesh.



  1. Improvement of Public Service Delivery after Introducing Citizen’s Charter: With Reference to Narsingdi District Administration
  2. Relocation of Tannery in Bangladesh: A Project Drowned In Problem
  3. Perception and Practices of Addressing Sustainability in Public Procurement Process of Bangladesh
  4. Environmental Improvement through Housing Formalisation in Urban Global South: a case study
  5.  Assessment of The Biodiversity And Richness of The Ecological Resources of Cox's Bazar Beach
  6. Application of Project Formulation, Appraisal and EIA Courses: A Study on NAPD Stakeholders



  1. Public Financial Governance in Bangladesh - Coordination Problems between Planning and Budgeting
  2. Selected Socioeconomic Characteristics of Waste Collector Children in Dhaka City
  3. A VECM Approach in Explaining the Relationship among Economic Growth, Money Supply and Price Level in Bangladesh
  4. Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain Management for Tourism industry in Bangladesh



  1. Gender-based Violence in Bangladesh: Culture, Development and Changing Contexts
  2. Promoting Public Performance Management in Bangladesh: Contemporary Practices and Recommendations
  3. Skills and qualities of the police officers in Bangladesh:  A police perceptions study
  4. Dowry Violence in India:  A study on existing situation and causes for sudden bloom up



  1. Knowledge Utilization: A Study on the Graduates of ‘Post graduate Diploma in Development Planning’ of National Academy for Planning and  Development
  2. Promotion of Democracy in Bangladesh: The Role of union Parishad as a Local Self-government Institution
  3. Does Critical Mass Matter? An Inquiry into Descriptive Representation of Women Members of Parliament in Bangladesh 
  4. Labor Market Responses to Job Vulnerability: A Micro Study in Sylhet
  5. Relationship between Socioeconomic Backgrounds and Participation of Women Members in the Union Parishad
  6. Assessment of Womens’ Vulnerability in Natural Disasters: An Investigation into the Coastline Area of Bangladesh
  7. Gender Mainstreaming in Parliamentary Participation in Bangladesh



  1. Administrative Reform in Bangladesh: Ideology, Initiatives and Obstacles
  2. Disaster management practices and Community Participation: Role of Social Work in the Context of Bangladesh
  3. The Role of Civil Societies in Development of Democracy in Bangladesh
  4. Total Quality Management for Organizational Development: A Strategy for Continuous Development of National Academy for Planning and Development
  5. Globalization and Workers’ Livelihood Security Linkages: the Case of the RMG Sector in Bangladesh
  6. Intelligence between Visually Impaired and Sighted Children Aged 10-16  



  1. The Social Exchange Theory of Absenteeism and its Relevance in Bangladesh
  2. Sustainable 21th Century Policy building: Innovative Design and Learning Solutions to Policy Research Challenges
  3. Planning and Implementation of Project for Socio-economic Development in Bangladesh



  1. Multi-sectoral Determinants of Maternal Mortality in Bangladesh
  2. Participatory Research and Rural Development in Bangladesh: A Critical Reflection
  3. Subaltern Perspectives on Rural Development and the Tans-localization of Adivasi-Dalit-Peasant Struggles in Orissa, India
  4. Knowledge Management for Digital Bangladesh
  5. Strategic Planning for Civil Service in Bangladesh: Lessons from Malaysia IMED
  6. Public policy Process of Bangladesh: Rhetoric or Pre-condition for Development



  1. Biotechnology: A Cutting-Edge Technology for Agricultural Development
  2. Relationship of Performance management Strategy (PMS) with HR Functions: Single Performance Strategy Perspectives
  3. Partnership for Sustainability of Fisheries Co-management : Bangladesh Context
  4. Total Factor Productivity, Social Welfare and Economic Growth in Bangladesh
  5. Abolition of Multi-Fiber Arrangement: A Study of its Impact on the RMG Sector of Bangladesh
  6. Role of Microfinance in Promoting Employment and Changing Occupational Structure of the Rural Women: A Micro Level Study
  7. Challenges and Potentials of adopting Formal Structured Disaster Management System in Bangladesh
  8. An Assessment of Performance of Oil Marketing Companies in Bangladesh: Case Study of Japan Oil Company Ltd. 



  1. Human Resource Development : Quest for a Fitting Strategy
  2. Man and the Challenges to Geo-environmental Hazards
  3. Impact of Training for Alternative Sustainable Livelihood of Communities Particularly the Women Affected by River Erosion in Bangladesh
  4. Mutual Funds Performance and Capital market Development in Bangladesh: A Study on ICB Mutual Funds
  5. Trade Performance of Bangladesh since 1980
  6. Income Distribution and Poverty Level in SunamgonjHaorarea of Bangladesh : Implication for Poverty Alleviation
  7. Foodgrain Demand, Supply and Market Price- Present and Future Perspective
  8. The Public Education : An Effective tols for Sensitizing Mass People Against Disaster Risk Management in Bangladesh